Check out OPEN PC Lab!

Check out OPEN PC Lab!

Picture of Elderly Woman with Laptop IT Support Agent


The Technology Center is open for walk in’s on Thursdays from 1:00 to 3:00 pm!  This time is for those needing a quick answer. For example: "Why can't I hear phone calls on my smartphone?" or "Can you help make things appear larger on the screen?" and "Help, is this email spam or legit?"

That’s right! Just come on over and ask a question or use the free WiFi with your device! We have a limited amount of PC’s you can use to surf the internet, read up on old emails, or ask for help to search for something you have been interested in!

If you are at the center and need some tech help, just ask the receptionist to see if we have time to see you. Sometimes you can get right in for some special help!

We are still offering one on one tech time session, same as before and we will also hold classes. Check the Upcoming Events Calendar on the NSC website to see what’s coming and register!

We try to accommodate anyone with technology issues.