Tech Time Sessions Offered

We have some specific Tech Time sessions available.

Tech Time Sessions Offered

Tech Time Sessions are by appointment only

You can also check out a PC and work at your pace. The PC’s have Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Edge browsers.

Contact Christina 816-452-5326 or 816-621-2084

  • Learn to Zoom
    • Zoom is a platform offering the ability to sit in or join a class, session, party, family gathering, and be able to see the participants and talk, share, and communicate online.
  • Computer Care and Maintenance 201
    • Learn to keep your laptop running at tip top performance. You will get tips and will start running through some quick cleaning and maintenance. You must bring your laptop.
  • Staying Safe on FaceBook
    • Have you been posting to the world but think its only your immediate family that see your posts? We will review some of the most common mistakes everyone makes.
  • Using Facetime (Apple users)
    • You will learn to make Facetime calls from your phone. How fun it is to see your grandchild or family that lives far way, or the ones that you want to see a few miles away!
  • Canva 101 – Make better graphics
    • Learn to make better graphics for your own cards, post cards, scrap books, social media. Canva is a free program, fun and easy to use.
  • Start searching your ancestry
    • Come start the journey of searching for your ancestry. There are free searchable documents and ways to do this. If you like to find out more about your history, this is the session for you!
  • Using YouTube
    • Learn to cook, paint, sing, practically anything you can think of is available for free learning through YouTube. Check out other things you can do there.
  • Artist Corner – Draw and paint using your tablet or Ipad
    • Yes you can paint and draw, and be very creative on your tablet. We will show you how and what you need to start being creative on your tablet.

Let us know your special needs, we will try to help!

To Schedule an appointment with our Technology Center volunteers
call Northland Shepherd’s Center: 816-452-4536