NSC Can Help You Review Your Medicare Plan October 15 – December 7

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Seniors rely on Medicare for health care coverage.

Helping seniors have the most appropriate and most economical coverage is the goal of the Medicare Services offered by the Northland Shepherd’s Center (NSC).

Medicare is not a one size fits all program. It is critical that people understand, as best they can, the medical coverage that they have.

CLAIM is Missouri’s official State Health Insurance Assistance Program. Services provided by CLAIM certified counselors are free, unbiased, and confidential. CLAIM counselors do not sell anything and do not charge for their help.

NSC has had CLAIM Certified Counselors on staff for over a decade and currently have two: Community Aging Specialists Dianna Englander and Kelley Creek. Also helping NSC clients is Angela Curtis, Care Coordination and Recruitment Specialist for Northland Healthcare Access.

Dianna Portrait

NSC CLAIM Counselors have helped thousands of people!

People just ‘aging into’ Medicare come to NSC for assistance all year long. Since May, NSC staff has helped nearly 90 people. Dianna says, “we show people where to compare the plans that are available to them. We help them determine what plan will best serve them and how to sign up for Medicare using medicare.gov.

During Medicare Open Enrollment, October 15 – December 7, people who have Medicare can change their prescription coverage. They can join a new Medicare Advantage Plan or stand-alone prescription drug plan (Plan D); they can switch between Original Medicare with or without a Part D plan and Medicare Advantage.

Dianna encourages people to review their Medicare coverage every year. “As drug companies and insurance companies make different deals all the time, what might be the most affordable one year may not be the next year and what coverage a neighbor or friend has may not be the best coverage for you. Not reviewing coverage can cost a person dearly and changes can only be made during Open Enrollment.

NSC can help you with your Medicare questions every Tuesday from 9am to 3pm during the 2022 Open Enrollment Period, October 15 to December 7. Call 816-452-4536 for an appointment.