Check out OPEN PC Lab!

Come with your questions on Thursdays!  The Technology Center will open for walk-ins on Thursdays from 1:00 to 3:00 pm! Just come on over and ask a question!

Acts of Kindness – Nanci

Older adults are at increased risk for loneliness and social isolation because they likely live alone, have lost family members and friends, and have chronic illnesses. Social isolation increases their risks for additional medical conditions.

The Northland Shepherd’s Center (NSC) ‘Care Call & Friendly Visitor Program’ provides needed social contact for clients who live alone and feel isolated.

Amazing Artists Among Us!

Because the first Art and Craft Show hosted by the Northland Shepherd’s Center (NSC) last November was such a success, everyone is excited about the upcoming show on June 9! The show is just another example of NSC’s efforts to help seniors thrive! So many NSC clients, volunteers, and friends are interested in art and crafts...

Zoom Etiquette

As we start to enjoy attending Zoom meetings from the comfort of our own home, we can appreciate that there should be rules and etiquette to follow.

Updating to Windows 11?

Beautiful commercials on television.  Messages on my laptop saying that "It’s time to update your device".  Which has you thinking: Should I update to Windows 11?

Big Thinkers Group

Come join the best group of them all! The Big Thinkers Group was created to help older adults, those over 60, join with others to have a good time learning about technology!

Acts of Kindness – A Happy Life

Among the things experts recommend seniors do to live a fulfilled life are to stay active, build social connections, volunteer in the community, never stop learning, and always look for new interests. 

Acts of Kindness – Food Pantry

To make nutritious food more available and accessible to Northland seniors, the Northland Shepherd’s Center (NSC) has started construction on the “Plate of Hope” pantry!

According to Kelley Creek, NSC Community Aging Specialist, “Since 2019, the NSC staff has talked about helping get nutritious food into the hands of our clients...


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