Rediscovering Creativity

Mary Billiard

Rediscovering Creativity

At 97, Mary could teach us all a thing or two about embracing life's possibilities. A lifelong artist, her house overflowing with vibrant watercolors, oils, and chalks, Mary faced a familiar challenge: space constraints. But instead of letting that dampen her creative spirit, Mary took a bold step into the digital world.

Her journey began here at her local NSC tech center, where she sought help managing the thousands of photos she tirelessly snapped of her artwork and subjects. We introduced her to the magic of the cloud, a virtual haven where her treasured images could reside beyond the limitations of her phone. Suddenly, her cherished creations were accessible across devices, adorning her computer and iPad screens like a virtual gallery.

But the cloud was just the first step. Mary, with her sprightly spirit and Gerri, her ever-supportive caretaker, sought a way to extend her artistic reach. Enter Adobe Fresco, a free app on her iPad that became her digital canvas. Imagine this: a vibrant palette in the palm of your hand, offering an endless array of brushes, oils, watercolors, and more. The hesitation in Mary's eyes slowly transformed into wonder as she experimented, strokes of color dancing across the screen.

Unfinished paintings could now come alive, reborn in the digital realm. Erase, adjust, refine – the possibilities were endless! Mary, eyes sparkling like a child's, could now work on her art anywhere, anytime. And the best part? Printing. Sharing her digital creations with loved ones, bypassing the limitations of physical space.

Mary's story is a testament to the indomitable spirit of creativity, proving that age is no barrier to embracing new tools and expressing oneself. It's a message for all of us, a gentle reminder that the door to creative exploration never truly closes. So, if you're reading this and feeling a nudge towards a new, tech-assisted chapter in your artistic journey, take a leap of faith like Mary. Who knows what digital masterpieces await you on the other side?